Musings of a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Catch da beads but avoid dat boot

New Orleans is not a city exactly known for its efficiency. However, there is a huge exception to the rule when it comes to the city’s ability to issue parking tickets. In addition to the meter maids, the New Orleans red light and speeding cameras are every vigilant and ready to flash. Thus, it is easy for a car to rack up parking and camera tickets. I highly suggest that you check the city of New Orleans’ link to see if you have any outstanding parking and camera tickets for one important reason. Fear the boot and the occasional tow. New Orleans has vehicles with the capacity to scan license plates roaming the streets in search of cars with outstanding tickets to boot. If your fine amount owed is particularly high and you are especially unlucky, the car may be towed instead of booted.

In addition to ticketing, New Orleans does a prolific job of booting cars with outstanding parking and/or camera tickets on any given day. However, the carnival season offers New Orleans the prime opportunity to scan the license plates of citizens enjoying the Mardi Gras parades. Any parking or camera ticket that is more than 90 days past due is potentially boot eligible. If you are boot eligible and your license plate is scanned, your night after the parades will be spent calling and paying an expensive fine over the phone. And to add insult to injury, it will be your responsibility to drop off the boot at the impound lot on Claiborne Ave.

If you have a stack of parking and camera tickets, the Law Office of Heather C. Ford may be able to help. Call or text (504)233-8529 for a free consultation. Happy Mardi Gras and laissez les bon temps rouler.

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