Musings of a Traffic Ticket Attorney

City of New Orleans is funded by………tickets?

The city of New Orleans is seemingly obsessed with subjecting its citizens to tickets as a source of municipal funding. In January, the city extended paid parking by an hour, doubled the hourly parking rate, and raised the minimum parking ticket price to $30.

The additional funding from the parking tickets will be used to double the amount of meter maids which of course will lead to more tickets being issued. Considering the city doled out more than 354,000 parking tickets last year, one can only imagine how many will be issued with the increased meter maid force.

After successfully raising more monies from parking tickets, the mayor has turned his attention to camera tickets. His 2017 budget proposes to virtually double the number of photo safety cameras from 66 to 122. It is projected that the revenue from camera tickets would go from 15 million to 24 million. Add an additional 10 million from parking tickets even before the new meter maids and the city is bleeding its citizens dry one ticket at a time. Expect this trend to continue.

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