• What are my options if I receive a traffic ticket?

    You can pay the traffic ticket, however understand in Louisiana simply paying traffic citations can have a negative impact on your driving record and insurance rates. In addition, your driver’s license could be suspended and heavy fines could be imposed. Further, it can affect your ability to get a license in another state or impact your ability to get a job or a promotion. Hiring a traffic defense lawyer is often your best option. It is simple and inexpensive.

  • When is it a good time to hire a traffic ticket attorney?

    The honest answer is as soon as possible. A traffic ticket defense attorney can save you time and often money.

  • If my Louisiana driver’s license has been suspended, how can I remedy the situation?

    Because there are a variety of reasons why a license might be suspended, hiring an attorney familiar with handling Louisiana suspended driver’s licenses is the best course of action.

  • How can I avoid increased insurance rates if I get pulled over for a traffic ticket?

    First, never just pay a traffic ticket. Seeking assistance from an experience attorney will likely save you money in the long term.

  • What are the fines for tickets in New Orleans Traffic Court

    154-531 Speeding General limit
    Speeding 1-9 miles over $157.50
    Speeding 10-14 miles over $257.50
    Speeding 15-20 miles over $282.50
    Speeding over 20 mph Court Appearance

    154-534 Speeding School Zones
    Speeding 1-9 miles over $157.50
    Speeding 10-14 miles over $257.50
    Speeding 15-20 miles over $282.50
    Speeding over 20 mph Court Appearance
    154-539 Impeding Traffic $157.50

    Driver’s License
    154-301 No or Expired Driver’s License Court Appearance
    154-302 Failure to Change Address on Driver’s License $152.50
    154-303 License not on person $202.50
    154-304 Unlawful use of License Court Appearance

    License Plate
    154-307 License Plate $152.50

    Brake Tag
    154-1298 Expired Brake Tag $202.50
    154-1298H Fraudulent Use of Brake Tag Court Appearance
    32-865 No Insurance Court Appearance

    Equipment Violations
    154-1251 General Requirement $152.50

    Turning and Stopping
    154-436 Improper Turn $152.50
    154-440 Improper Signal Method $152.50
    154-438 Improper Starting /Backing $222.50
    154-482 Failure to Yield $222.50
    154-601 One-Way $222.50
    154-606 Stop Sign $222.50
    154-234 Traffic Control Devices $152.50
    154-236 Disregard Red Light/Arrows $222.50
    154-58 Failure to observe officer’s signal $222.50
    154-240 Improper Lane Usage $152.50
    154-382 Reckless Operation Court Appearance
    154-383 Careless Operation $252.50
    154-400 Reasonable Vigilance $202.50
    154-401 Following too close $222.50
    154-439 Signals by hand or arm or signal device $222.50
    154-443 Limitations on Turning $152.50
    154-437 Failure to Signal when Turning slowing, stop. $152.50
    Motorcycle Violations
    154-1471 Riding Generally $152.50
    154-1472 Responsibility of Operator $152.50
    154-1473 Required Equipment $152.50
    154-1474 Muffler and Exhaust system requirements $152.50
    General Violations
    154-602 One Way Street $222.50
    154-380 Against Traffic on Divided Street $152.50
    154-375 Improper Lane Change $152.50
    154-485 Passing Stopped School Bus $252.50
    154-315 Loads and Covering to be Secured $202.50
    154-1561 Trucks to use Truck Route $277.50
    154-397 Unsafe Opening of Vehicle Doors $222.50
    154-384 Hit and Run Court Appearance