Got Traffic Tickets?

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Got a traffic ticket. What’s the next step?

Option #1: Simply Pay

This is often the easiest option. You pay and move on. However, that is not the end of the story as you often continue to pay for the consequences. You continue to pay in the form of increased insurance premiums and a spotty driving record. A simple speeding ticket can even prevent you from gaining employment. Unfortunately, I have seen clients lose jobs over a paid traffic ticket. However, there is a solution that is just as easy as paying the traffic ticket that can give you a better outcome. Call/text (504)233-8529 for the easy resolution.

Option #2: Go to court and fight the law by yourself

You go to court and try to fight the traffic ticket yourself. You may obtain a reduced charge but usually at the cost of hours of your time. Time spent driving to court, trying to find parking, and waiting to see the prosecutor. The worst case scenario is if you make the time investment and still have to pay the fine amount and the court costs.

Option #3: Let us fight your battle – recommended

You let an experienced traffic ticket attorney handle the ticket. Our one goal is to create a no-hassle process. With one call or text to (504)233-8529, your traffic ticket problem is solved. Let Law Office of Heather C. Ford be your one stop solution.

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New Orleans Traffic Court Fine Amounts

154-531 Speeding General limit
Speeding 1-9 miles over $157.50
Speeding 10-14 miles over $257.50
Speeding 15-20 miles over $282.50
Speeding over 20 mph Court Appearance

154-534 Speeding School Zones
Speeding 1-9 miles over $157.50
Speeding 10-14 miles over $257.50
Speeding 15-20 miles over $282.50
Speeding over 20 mph Court Appearance
154-539 Impeding Traffic $157.50

Driver’s License
154-301 No or Expired Driver’s License Court Appearance
154-302 Failure to Change Address on Driver’s License $152.50
154-303 License not on person $202.50
154-304 Unlawful use of License Court Appearance

License Plate
154-307 License Plate $152.50

Brake Tag
154-1298 Expired Brake Tag $202.50
154-1298H Fraudulent Use of Brake Tag Court Appearance

32-865 No Insurance Court Appearance

Equipment Violations
154-1251 General Requirement $152.50

Turning and Stopping
154-436 Improper Turn $152.50
154-440 Improper Signal Method $152.50
154-438 Improper Starting /Backing $222.50
154-482 Failure to Yield $222.50
154-601 One-Way $222.50
154-606 Stop Sign $222.50
154-234 Traffic Control Devices $152.50
154-236 Disregard Red Light/Arrows $222.50
154-58 Failure to observe officer $222.50
154-240 Improper Lane Usage $152.50
154-382 Reckless Operation Court Appearance
154-383 Careless Operation $252.50
154-400 Reasonable Vigilance $202.50
154-401 Following too close $222.50
154-439 Signals by hand or device $222.50
154-443 Limitations on Turning $152.50
154-437 Failure to Signal when Turning $152.50

General Violations
154-602 One Way Street $222.50
154-380 Against Traffic $152.50
154-375 Improper Lane Change $152.50
154-485 Passing Stopped School Bus $252.50
154-315 Loads to be Secured $202.50
154-1561 Trucks to use Truck Route $277.50
154-397 Unsafe Opening of Vehicle $222.50
154-384 Hit and Run Court Appearance

Louisiana Traffic Fine Schedule
State Statutes Fines and Cost
32:57H Speeding in Construction Zone $477.50
32:61 Maximum Speed Limit $302.50
32:63 Establishing of Speed Zones $302.50
32:64 General Speed Law $302.50
32:64B Impeding Traffic $302.50
32:79 Improper Lane Usage $297.50
32:81 Following to Close $297.50
32:101 Turning at Intersection $297.50
32:121 Failure to Yield $297.50
32:232 Disregard Red Light $297.50
32:295 No Child Restraint $222.50
32:295.1 No Seat Belt $70.00
32:300.5 Wireless Texting While Driving $622.50
32:361.1 Tinted Windows $272.50
32:411.1 No Driver’s License on Person $297.50
32:415 Suspended Driver’s License Court Appearance
47:506 No Registration $222.50
47:508 Expired License Plate $222.50
14:98 DWI Court Appearance
14:99 Reckless Operation Court Appearance
14:100 Hit and Run Court Appearance